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Callum Stewart

Callum Stewart - 04 July 2018

Callum Stewart
04 July 2018

Changing lives for the better

Callum Stewart, Senior Front-end Web Developer at Flint Studios, reflects on his years of extensive charity work in Uganda.

Since 2013, Callum has made numerous trips from Northern Ireland to Uganda primarily helping out in a rural community in the Nakasongola district.

Through the Down Boys Brigade and Fields of Life, both of which Callum works with, countless lives have been saved and improved by investing, teaching and developing skills to promote self-sustainability. 

Callum said: 

“I first heard about Karamoja, a region located in the north east of Uganda, after receiving a photo from a Ugandan medical officer. Chat with any citizen outside of the area and they will tell you it is one of the most difficult areas to live in the country. 

“During the past five years I have made valuable friendships and gained so much experience. All of the friends I made out there had the same dream; to go to university.” 

To help the locals achieve this goal, Callum purchased a plot of land in the town of Nakasongola, on which him and the other volunteers built a shop. All of the profits made from this project went towards the cost of going to university. 

Callum continued: 

“My friend and local volunteer Jingo told me about the living conditions that some of the villagers have to endure on a daily basis; scorching sun so strong that it cracks the earth, months without a drop of rain, no crops to grow, no animals to keep. They have nothing”. 

A family, 20 kilometres from the main town, had gone without eating for 6 days. Callum and Jingo knew they had to help. Callum spent the equivalent of £40, which was enough to buy sheep, food for a full month and some soap for the family. 

“Jingo and I were humbled to bring hope to a place where there was no hope. Our faith is what leads us to such actions, knowing that because we have received, we also have to give,” said Callum. 

Upon returning, Callum raised over £2,000, some of which was donated by friends, family, work colleagues and Raffrey Presbyterian Church. 

He decided to use this money to return to Uganda and support a further three families, providing cows and sheep for animal projects, mattresses, floor mats, solar lights, food, soap and books and pens for the local school.

Travelling back to Uganda to the rural community of Achere with £100, Callum was able to purchase 130 items of clothing for the villagers. 

“We had taken additional support for four families and each received one cow and one sheep, which over time can generate enough of an income for them to live off.”

Since returning to Northern Ireland Callum has been receiving regular updates from the village. 

Flint Studios supported me from 2015-2017, with generous donations and the money from our in-house pool games (20p per game) and office tuck shop donated to projects in Nakasongola, Uganda.”

If you would like to support these families, you can do so by using the following link: https://www.justgiving. com/crowdfunding/moroto