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Stuart Cordingley

Stuart Cordingley - 14 September 2018

Stuart Cordingley
14 September 2018

Are You Ready for Omnichannel?

eCommerce is no longer the be-all and end-all of business success. Now, simply selling online just isn’t enough - leading retailers are altering their strategies toward an omnichannel approach. 

But what does this mean?

We’re going to take an in-depth look at omnichannel retail, providing an explanation as to what it is, what opportunities it brings and how Flint Studios can aid in your omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel Retail

In basic terms, omnichannel retailing relates to the process of delivering a seamless and consistent shopping experience to customers, across all channels or touchpoints. 

The underlying principle is, in essence, to be everywhere. Being omnipresent in the lives of customers, be it online or offline, builds their trust and makes them feel more comfortable about purchasing from your brand.

There are countless channels in which retailers can leverage, with the most common being: eCommerce websites, social media platforms, mobile browsers, online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar stores and so on. 

In this digital age, traditional retail can seem a thing of the past, although, there’s still something to be said for trying before you buy. In fact, an increasing number of the world’s leading brands are re-focusing their attention back to flagship stores, ensuring all their retail bases are covered, so to speak. 

Omnichannel Retail Opportunities

In order to highlight the benefits of an effective, omnichannel strategy, try to the think about the purchases you have made in the last month.

Most of us will have used different channels to buy or hear about different products, which is exactly what omnichannel retailing is attempting to account for.

Take a look at online retail giant, Amazon, for example. Even with 50% of all online product searches starting on Amazon, grocery sales were never their core competency. The reason for this is because, in both U.S. and UK, people still tend to go to physical supermarkets.

Amazon’s recent venture into the brick-and-mortar supermarket industry, Amazon Go, is the truest expression of omnichannel retail. And here’s the reasons why:

- A brick-and-mortar store gives Amazon an offline presence

- Customers can get a tangible feel for in-store grocery items, leading to faster purchasing decisions

- An Amazon Go app lets customers scan desired items with their smartphone 

- Customers pay for scanned items after they have left the store with the credit card assigned to their Amazon account. No cash required.

Amazon’s perfect blend of online and offline channels results in an omnipresent brand which is fully equipped for future success.

How Flint Studios Can Aid in Your Omnichannel Strategy

User Experience

An omnichannel customer experience necessitates a consistent user experience. Flint Studios have a unique capability of delivering a seamless and effective user experience that is equally responsive across all devices.

Systems Integration

Our years of expertise in complex systems integration will ensure cohesion between each of your chosen channels. We have experience in delivering integration solutions for PoS systems, payment gateways and stock control systems, to name a few.

Online Marketing

Drive offline sales with online marketing and connect with omnichannel customers that move seamlessly between channels depending on their needs in the moment. We will help you run campaigns for maximum return to your business as a whole - both online and offline. 


Effective measurement is key in determining which of your chosen channels are performing well and which are not. Calculate the value of online and instore with our in-depth, analytical measurement and reporting techniques will help you to make informed, strategic decisions that will constitute to the growth of your business.

For further information on how we can assist your omnichannel strategy, contact us on 019 2560 7313 or email info@flintstudios.co.uk