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Lea Glover

Lea Glover - 08 February 2016

Lea Glover
08 February 2016

Flint Studios Goes AmberGreen with Solar Panel Installation.

Leading NI digital agency, Flint Studios has recently installed rooftop solar panels at its Ravenhill Road premises, bringing its energy harnessing capacity to 7030 KWh per annum. The microgeneration solar panel system, installed by Belfast-based renewable energy supplier AmberGreen, is expected to dramatically reduce the company’s energy costs and carbon footprint.

Managing Director of Flint Studios, Jeremy Biggerstaff, said “The installation is a clear demonstration of Flint Studios’ commitment to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability. The solar facility will provide the agency with all the electricity it needs and more besides, with the rest being fed back to the grid through feed-in tariffs.”

Jeremy continues “With many computers, monitors and servers running throughout the office, it’s important that we do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and run a more environmentally responsible operation.

“The installation went smoothly and was completed in just a few hours, with minimal disruption to the office productivity. We would like to thank local solar panel specialists, AmberGreen, for a thoroughly professional and efficient service.”

Dwyer O’Neill, Managing Director of AmberGreen said “In the quest for efficiency and cost effectiveness in business, reducing overhead while maintaining high-quality is a never-ending battle. For many commercial establishments, electricity is a significant portion of their overhead. Electricity is a necessary component of industry, but there are ways to generate it without incurring heavy costs. Generating your own electricity is a great way to reduce costs and improve the bottom line without making too many changes or sacrifices.”

Dwyer adds “As a leading Northern Irish renewable energy supplier, we can quickly and easily assess your premises and advise on the best systems for your business”.