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Cormac Kernan

Cormac Kernan - 28 January 2016

Cormac Kernan
28 January 2016

Home Automation - The Internet of Things

What is home automation? Well, as far as we are concerned it is being to control elements of your home remotely, or even, giving the systems the power to decide for themselves. With the proliferation of devices to allow for small control mechanisms to be created, such as Raspberry Pi’s and Arduino’s, even more intelligent and autonomous systems can be built.

The team in the Flint Studios office are implementing their own platforms, however, the less said about the robotic arm the better. To the point that an example of one of the control interface can be seen in this blog post, a 7 inch touch screen, that attaches directly to a Raspberry Pi, this will be incorporated into a home that already decides when to turn the heating on based on the time of day and the current temperature of the room. We will keep you posted on the progress.