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Mark McCann

Mark McCann - 01 January 2016

Mark McCann
01 January 2016

Microsoft drops support for older Internet Explorer web browsers

So the day has finally come and Microsoft has dropped support for the dreaded older Internet Explorer web browsers. For many years, too many, developers have had to tailor and adapt their front-end code to handle the nuances of these flawed browsers, and this was made even worse with the proliferation of responsive web site principles.

Unfortunately, the bad news is that, although Flint Studios can now drop support for Internet Explorer 8, we cannot yet drop support for IE9 and IE10 as they are still popular browsers. However, as Microsoft will no longer be supporting them I am sure that their popularity will wane quite quickly over the course of the coming months. The acid test for us is when the popularity of a browser falls below 1% market-share. IE8 still has over 1% market share, but we can no longer support it as we can't safely test it because it only runs on XP and Vista, which are no longer receiving mainstream support from Microsoft.

If you have any queries on how this might affect you or your site please get in touch the team here at Flint Studios and we can go through it with you. From complex systems integration and bespoke development to fluid responsive websites to integrated digital marketing campaigns, Flint Studios has the creativity and technical know-how to deliver a full range of digital services.