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Chris McAllister

Chris McAllister - 09 March 2016

Chris McAllister
09 March 2016

SQL Server for Linux

Following on from the release of Visual Studio Code for Linux and the open sourcing of the .Net framework, Microsoft have continued their embrace of the Open Source world by announcing that they have ported their SQL Server database software to Linux, and hope to release it early next year.
The news continues Micosoft's move toward a more cross platform, cloud first approach which has been gradually increasing in focus since the advent of their Azure cloud services platform and the arrival of CEO Satya Nadella.
When released, SQL Server for Linux will be competing with established platforms such as MySQL/ Maria DB and postgreSQL, however it is likely that Redmond will view Oracle and it's 12c database as it's main competitor due to Oracle's focus on the Enterprise market.
Whilst it may seem a surprising move for some, it is bound to be a welcome one for developers and engineers who will soon have the ability to choose the right platform for them to host their SQL Server solution.