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As a client of Flint Studios from 2018 Insect Lore commissioned a new user-friendly online shopping experience to meet their growing demand. The core project was to redevelop their existing Magento Website, protect their multi million pound business, and relaunch on Version 2 to support established B2B channels with wholesale capabilities across Europe alongside direct sales in the UK & Ireland. 

The pandemic arrived shortly after launch and it became clear that  he level of B2B engagement was going to be impacted. The majority of orders came through Schools and with these entities closed they reached out to Flint Studios to help them pivot into alternative direct selling channels. They urgently needed to rebuild their hosting infrastructure as the expected traffic profile was going to be larger and spikier if the objective of direct channels succeeded.

Technology Used

  • User experience
  • Responsive web design
  • Magento Community
  • Integration with Amazon and
  • eBay
  • Integration with payment
  • gateways
  • Complex configurable products
  • Dedicated Magento platform
  • hosting

The pandemic arrived shortly after launch and it became clear that the level of B2B engagement was going to be impacted


With the limited time available to deal with the impending pandemic, Insect Lore and Flint Studios worked together to support direct selling opportunities and increase revenue growth to counteract the impact on existing B2B Channels. This involved raising brand awareness and brand recognition specifically through new direct B2C channels e.g. Amazon Marketplace + eBay and also driving traffic to the website making the platform easier to find and engage, adopting more deliberate paid search campaigns and ensuring that mobile engagement was effective.
Insect Lore UK

User Experience

Providing a best in class user experience across the entire web application, adopting a progressive mobile first approach to eCommerce to focus on improving engagement and rebuilding the hosting infrastructure to meet the expected increases and profile changes to web traffic all significantly contributed to the platform's imminent success.
Insect Lore UK


In all areas of the project the adopted changes delivered were a huge success. Overall Website Performance (year on year increase)
  • 145% increase in Revenue over the new Season
  • 92% increase in the number of transactions delivered
  • 109% increase in new and existing users
Insect Lore UK
Insect Lore UK

Specific Metrics meeting the brief

  • 180% increase on Mobile Users
  • £28,400 increase in sales on one day (largest ever sales on one day)
Insect Lore UK

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