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Mary Peters Trust is a charitable organisation based in Northern Ireland that helps aspiring young athletes realise their maximum potential by assisting them in both a financial and advisory capacity. We were briefed to design an entirely new website that could be used by athletes to apply for funding and automate the application process. It was essential that the proposed solution not only fulfilled the specification but was also cost-effective and affordable for a charitable organisation.

Technology Used

  • Project Scoping
  • Website Strategy
  • Software Development
  • Kentico Integration
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Online Application System
  • Kentico CMS

Mary Peters Trust has publically announced that the help and support provided by Flint Studios on this website project is the equivalent of a £40,000 donation.

Responsive Website Design

Responsive design was used in a modern framework, across mobile and tablet devices, making the interface suitable for engaging with younger athletes. The responsive design adapts to any screen size without compromising quality, user experience or brand consistency.  
Mary Peters Trust

Kentico CMS

Flint Studios chose the world-class Kentico content managed system for its pedigree in security to maintain the security of athlete profiles and governing bodies interacting on the site. The rich, customisable features of the Kentico platform means the dedicated user administrator for the site is able to further develop the website without incurring any additional cost. This ensures the project has remained cost-effective without compromise. 
Mary Peters Trust

Online Application Process

Our web solution included an online application process to replace the handwritten and often time-consuming process being used. Athletes and their families will be able to apply, submit and track their application online as well as update their personal records and achievements. This assists the trust and it’s athletes to increase their profile and continuously promote their reputation online. The implementation of the Online Application Process has streamlined the process between athlete, the Trust and Governing Bodies resulting in enormous time saving for all involved. 
Mary Peters Trust
Mary Peters Trust Mary Peters Trust

Client Testimonial

Flint have donated a website that will not only streamline the Trust’s laborious application process but brings to life the sports and athletes we fund. They were willing to listen and learn about our charity so that they could simply and clearly illustrate what we do. I want to thank them for their expertise and professionalism we are delighted with the end result.
Dame Mary Peters, CH DBE

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