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SustainIQ is a mobile web-based app that improves how your business monitors, measures and reports on social, environmental and economic performance. The company had a requirement to build an application that could provide real-time reporting and calculations on the impact of a companies investments in corporate responsibility

Technology Used

  • Project Scoping
  • Application Development
  • Database Design
  • UX and UI Design
  • Responsive Web Design

UX Design

With thousands of data entries requiring input to SusainIQ, the application was designed and built with UX at the forefront. Careful consideration was given to the data entry system, ensuring that data entry was efficient and reporting was both clear and easy to read. Flint Studios created a slick, easy-to-use navigation bar to help steer users through the website with ease.


Responsive Web Design

With the application covering a broad range of uses it was important that it could be used on a variety of platforms. This allows users on a building site or factory floor to enter data and view reports providing them with real-time information via a mobile device or tablet. The intuitive responsive website adapts to all screen sizes providing the optimal viewing experience across all platforms.

Bespoke Application Development

Real-time statistics are provided on dashboards with an overview of top-line figures to quickly analyse any issues. The ability to drill down and filter the data based on a range of criteria which can also be viewed on a range of charts. The application covers a broad range of subjects and allows users to enter their data while on-site through a fully mobile responsive web app.


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