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With the blinding pace at which digital landscape is growing and impacting every aspect of businesses, WeLoveBlinds.com approached Flint Studios to propose a Digital Strategy that would; grow their customer base, drive sales leads and increase revenue. Flint Studios took this opportunity to devise a cross-platform digital marketing strategy to take WeLoveBlinds eCommerce to the next level...

Technology Used

  • SEO
  • Schema Markup
  • Content Creation
  • PPC
  • Klarna
  • Reviews.co.uk
  • eCommerce Tracking

What we did

Flint Studios have been working in partnership with WeLoveBlinds.com since the beginning of 2019. In this short space of time, we have implemented a wide range of tactics to significantly boost website traffic, expand brand awareness and bolster sales.

We Love Blinds


SEO is a long-term investment with high-returns so, we proposed an SEO strategy with delivery tailored towards transactional search terms. This has and continues to improve the online visibility of the WeLoveBlinds website on Google’s search result pages and ultimately, generates online sales.

We Love Blinds

Structured Data Schema Markup

Using structured data, we enhanced WeLoveBlinds products in search results with rich snippets and provided a significant SEO boost. Structured data gave WeLoveBlinds an advantage over their competitors by giving extra details in the SERPs and increasing click-through rates over the other results.

We Love Blinds
We Love Blinds

Content Creation

At Flint Studios, we believe content creation is the ultimate inbound marketing practice. For WeLoveBlinds.com, we developed a content strategy with a focus on content that provides free and useful information to their audience. This attracts potential customers to the website and retains existing customers through quality engagement.

We Love Blinds

Google Shopping

Studies show that Google Shopping Ads generate 26% higher conversion rates and have a 23% lower cost-per-click than text ads, making integration with Google Shopping Feed essential for Blakely247.com. Flint Studios have now implemented and configured the Google Merchant Centre feed, ready for use.

We Love Blinds

Client Testimonial

At We Love Blinds we bring our decades of experience in the blinds industry to offer retail customers throughout the UK a simple ecommerce experience, showcasing our large inventory of products. With almost endless product variations and sizes available we felt Flint Studios had to be involved to bring their expertise to the project in both Google Shopping/PPC and SEO. Their value transcends the contracted works as they bring their wealth of knowledge to the project as they work seamlessly with our dev team to continually measure and improve
Andrew, Marketing Manager, WeLoveBlinds

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