Proof of Concept

Do you have a great idea with commercial potential? The Invest Growth Proof of Concept Fund provides grants to individuals, start-ups, micro enterprises and SME to help fully develop and test their ideas. Funded by Invest NI, the fund enables beneficiaries to establish the commercial potential of a concept resulting from in-house research and ideas. Proof of Concept grants are distributed in two forms:

Invest Growth Proof of Concept Fund
  • Up to £10k available from a Concept Grant

    Concept Grant covers market research reports, initial business case reports, concept development work and a pre-commercialisation plan.

  • Up to £40k available from a Pathfinder Grant

    Pathfinder Grants are available for the later stage of Proof of Concept activities. This covers a working prototype, a business plan and a growth action plan.

If you would like advice and support relating to a Proof of Concept get in touch:
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Case StudyDyadey Proof of Concept

Dyadey is an highly innovative project in terms of algorithmic data, product development and digital communication.

We crystallised creative concepts, page designs, online branding with navigation, information architecture and functionality of the platform. The end-result is an interactive platform that allows stakeholders to see how the site will look and function before the build stage.

There are many advantages of Proof of Concept for Dyadey:

  • Identifies flaws before the build
  • Validation of specification before the build
  • Visualisation of overall look and feel early on before the build
  • Saves time and management by reducing change management
  • Re-use of assets created
  • Creative vision defined
  • Usability testing
  • Direct feedback on basic concept & design
Dyadey Proof of Concept

This Proof of Concept provides a visual and shareable view of the future service and empowers Dyadey with a workable version to present to stakeholders as well as reducing the need to re-work and re-develop a service during the build phase.

Do you have a great idea with commercial potential?

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