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Kentico, all-in-one CMS, eCommerce and online marketing platform

Grow your business online and increase conversions with the Kentico content management platform. Make the most out of its sophisticated marketing features and powerful insights with a versatile and all-powerful approach to effective content management, eCommerce, online marketing, intranet and online communities. 

Kentico is an all-in-one ASP.NET platform that has its own powerful content management system and a huge range of customisable features. You can design and create your own e-commerce store that provides a flexible environment that exceeds your business needs with full mobile device support. Choose Kentico to avoid the frustrations of dealing with disparate systems, so you can accomplish more. 

Features in detail

Search Engine Optimisation

Kentico embodies everything you need to increase your website traffic and see an immediate surge in conversions. You can enter SEO data to each page such as meta titles, descriptions and targeted keywords to help improve your performance on SERP’s. Kentico e-commerce websites benefit from the fact that your site is automatically provided with an original URL and it also generates an XML list of URLs’ that are accessible for your site according to Google’s SiteMap format. Choosing Kentico as your e-commerce platform ensures the best possible SEO results thanks to its mobile-friendly format, easy-to-use features and ease of integration.

Web Analytics

When you use Kentico as your content management platform, you’ll benefit from its fantastic web analytics as a key part of your online marketing strategy. Learn important information about your visitor’s behaviour and how they interact with your website. This helps you better understand your customers and learn ways that you can improve their shopping experience. You’ll be able to track things like page views, campaigns, browser types, conversions and vital website metrics.

Custom Pages

You don’t have to worry about predefined pages when your online shop is hosted on Kentico. You have the freedom to create custom pages that give you complete control over both the content structure and design of your website. Create custom pages without any programming, which enables you to define product pages with custom fields and parameters such as name, description, photo and price. This allows you to decide exactly how you want your web pages to look, giving you complete control over how your brand is perceived.
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