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Software development

The collective process of creating software programs is referred to as software development and it’s not as expensive as you might think. It involves building a design that coincides with your business goals and meets the specified design and development requirements of the software and production process. Our software development process is custom built to suit your individual business needs, ensuring a competitive advantage and seamless integration to multiple processes.

Improve your company efficiency and communications while reducing the overall cost when you choose Flint Studios as your software developers. Our approach involves the identification of the required software, followed up by an intricate analysis of the software requirements and design. The final stages of the software development process involve programming, testing and maintenance to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Features in detail

Systems Analysis

This phase of the software development process refers to the collection of factual data and understanding the different stages of the software developed in the project. It involves identifying any possible problems and recommending the best solutions to fix them and improve the system’s functionality. System Analysis also divides the system into smaller and more specific sections to make the process easier for everyone involved, including the developers, designers, testers and project managers. It’s the most iterative phase of software development with the goal to detect any problems, find solutions and work to achieve an even better result.

Agile Development

Bringing the design to life is carried out during the agile development stage. A database developer, network engineer or programmer will work tirelessly to develop the software, marking an official end to the system analysis and design process. The actual code is written and any hardware required will be configured to ensure it meets the necessary requirements and functions. This stage of the software development process is the official start of the production period and carries out the actual implementation of the software.

Software Testing

The software testing stage involves proper system integration and testing of the programs and procedures. This is usually carried out by a Quality Assurance professional, an automated service or real users, who introduce the software to various inputs in order to analyse its effectiveness and performance. Testing is often repeated to check for consistency, errors and possible bugs that may be hidden within the software. The main purpose of this stage is to ensure customer satisfaction so the programme can move onto the final phase of successful completion.
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