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If you want to see an increase in sales and build a loyal customer base, an effective content marketing strategy is the way to go. We are content experts and specialise in creating interesting, relevant and high-quality content that grabs customer’s attention and encourages them to convert.

Content Marketing is the future. It’s no secret that Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo favour websites with great content. It encourages users to stay on your site long enough to convert, as well as helping to build your brand's credibility as experts in your industry. Achieve higher visibility in search engines, gain more referral traffic and increase your social following with an effective and successful content marketing campaign with Flint Studios.

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Infographics have the power to transform a relatively boring topic into something much more captivating, interesting and visually stimulating. It’s an effective and popular form of content marketing that should appeal to your target audience. It’s best to create an infographic that’s relevant to your business. After all, you want to gain more than just views. You need comments, inbound links and social shares to really help climb your business up the leader board and our infographics are sure to get you there. We create “share-worthy” and visually appealing infographics that present important information in an effective and creative way to help raise interest in your brand and build credibility.

Blog Posts

Blogs are a great way to update your website with relevant and high-quality content that helps improve your search engine visibility, rankings and gain loyal customers. If you’re stuck for ideas, we can help. We’ve found that blog posts that work best have a few things in common. They answer customer questions and do so in an interesting and engaging way. It’s important to think outside the box with your blog posts, too much of the same old thing can have the reverse effect and bore your readers. Try to keep things original by publishing other forms of content such as images, video and audio interviews to help make your blog stand out.


Video marketing is one of the best ways to put your business in the spotlight. Embedding videos on your landing pages can help improve conversion rates by up to 80%, so what are you waiting for? Videos help customers remember your brand, so make sure to be as creative and unique as possible. Creating relevant and high-quality video content can have a direct impact on your site’s SEO. After all, a massive 90% of online customers admit that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. By adding product videos, your customers have a better idea of what your products are like in real-life. Increase web traffic by up to 80% and improve your site’s click-through rates when you utilise the power of video in your content marketing campaign.
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