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These days it’s good to be talked about...

Social media is a great way to set tongues wagging. We will put you in the right place at the right time – with exactly the right kind of people for your brand to be heard! Of course, social media is so much more than just getting people talking. As your digital agency, we look to understand your specific objectives and commercial considerations with which social media activity should align with.

We evaluate channels, tactics and principles to determine the best approach to manage your brand, communication and reputation.

Ultimately, we work towards measuring any return on your investment. This is important to us. We’re not afraid to ask questions, dig deeper, and challenge the ways things have been done in the past. Through measurement of useful data, Flint Studios can take your social media management to the next level.

Features in detail

Social Media Content Management

Your content can go unnoticed if it fails to stand out from the crowd. We will share content that actually resonates with your audience. We aim to build a clear understanding of your business, and align that understanding with a content plan containing a creative mix of images, video and text-based posts to provoke conversation and engagement. Our monthly performance reporting allows us to dig a little deeper into what’s working and what’s not, so that we can tailor your content to deliver the best results.

Social Media Advertising

Advanced targeting and massive reach make media advertising an attractive option for many businesses. We will identify, locate and target your audience with personalised creative assets that work best for each audience segment and social media platform. Of course, no business wants to put money into something that doesn’t pay off. At Flint Studios, we believe that you should have defined KPIs to measure return on investment. It is this measurement of ROI that helps us prove to you that the effort, time and cost of the advertising campaign was worth it.

Social Media Audit & Strategy

Most businesses in this day and age have some sort of presence on social media. Flint Studios can work closely with you to further develop your social media strategy to effectively manage your brand, your communication and your reputation. We will evaluate channels, tactics and principles to determine the best approach for your business and a well-defined strategy will be developed around your key objectives to achieve measurable and meaningful results.
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