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Magento is the World’s #1 Commerce Platform

Magento is now the world’s biggest E-commerce platform which has gained trust by over 200,000 retailers in the world, ranging from Olympus to Nike, from small startup to enterprise level.

Magento E-commerce is an open source e-commerce platform which is used to sell products online. This platform allows developers to significantly customise a client’s e-commerce store while also offering a large number of differing functions to increase utility. The software provides transaction solutions,e-marketing tools such as search engine optimization, stock management tools, and Magento is scalable to both small or large scale enterprises, too. Magento’s management system is based on PHP and MySQL, which is compatible with Linux, requiring no investment in software licenses.

Features in detail

Increased Growth Rate

Internet Retailer's 2016 report ​proves that Magento merchants grow sales 3x faster than IR's Top 1000 ecommerce merchants on average​. No other ecommerce solutions offer this speed of sales growth. In year-over-year sales growth, IR's Top 1000 Magento merchants left every other platform in the dust. It's no surprise that Magento is the world's number one ecommerce platform.

Open source

Magento is an e-commerce platform which uses open source technologies and programming languages, and the second key benefit of using Magento platform lies there. Open source means that Magento is not only more flexible for developers and client needs but also more easily to access (in terms of cost) and ensures a better security for users

Mobile-friendly configuration

In these days when Smartphone, iPad and M-commerce are now the hottest keywords for any business, especially E-commerce agencies; thus, it is a must for every E-commerce retailer to choose a mobile-friendly platform. At this point, Magento platform is definitely the best choice as the apps allow store integration across multiple devices to work properly on smartphones, tablets, etc.

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