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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Flint Studios can fully manage dedicated servers on your behalf that are critical to your online infrastructure. We provide dedicated hosting, or hardware that is used for your needs only, and is monitored 24/7 for resource spikes, outages or hacking attacks. Daily backups are managed directly by Flint Studios and disaster recovery options can be deployed giving peace of mind for hardware or data centre failures.


The advantage of choosing dedicated server hosting is that there are no other websites contending for the the server’s CPU and RAM. Your application is physically isolated, meaning security and stability is increased by ensuring that there are no resource hungry or potentially harmful websites hosted on the same hardware as yours. Maximise performance, save time and reduce costs by not having to deal with multiple providers or hire additional support staff. We offer a unified hosting solution to ensure performance at every level. 

Features in detail

Monitored 24/7

Our dedicated hosting is continuously monitored so you don’t have to worry about anything that could disrupt your online activity. We’ll ensure that spikes in CPU and RAM don’t slow down your website. We’ll instantly detect and deal with any service or power outages, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum and making sure you’re back to full speed as quickly as possible.  Our systems will detect and stop any unauthorised attempts to access your website. We’ll stop data theft and illegal access from hackers as well as guarding against malware and criminal attacks on your website.

Daily Backups

With our dedicated hosting your daily backups are managed directly by us here at Flint Studios. We’ll ensure that your data is backed up every day onto secure servers. Our daily backup systems are extremely reliable and efficient. You’ll have complete peace of mind that your sensitive data and information history is securely stored and up to date at all times. We know how important it is to keep data and information secure and current. We understand that data loss is among the worst fears of any business that operates online. Guard against it with daily backup by Flint Studios. 

Disaster Recovery

When you use dedicated hosting by Flint Studios you’ll benefit from the very latest disaster recovery systems. In the event of any type of disaster or major disruption to your business, premises, infrastructure or network we’ll recover your data and information using a number of dedicated systems. As part of our hosting service we’ll devise and implement a disaster recovery strategy to suit your specific needs. We’ll identify every conceivable threat and have a system in place to ensure continuity of your business. Disaster recovery by Flint Studios guarantees the smooth running and continuation of your technology infrastructure.
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