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Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

For smaller organisations Flint Studios can offer shared hosting that provides access to the latest technologies at very affordable pricing.

With a shared hosting package multiple sites are hosted on the server hardware and share the available resources. The underlying hardware, operating system and software are all managed by Flint Studios.

Although you share a server with other clients, resource usage is carefully managed by tailoring maximum resource usage to your and your neighbour's needs to help avoid someone else's problem becoming yours. Ideal for content, promotional and campaign-based websites, shared hosting options are available in both Windows and Linux environments with value-for-money bandwidth and disk space allowances, backups, 24/7 monitoring, and easy upgrade paths all coming as standard.

Features in detail

Windows Shared Hosting

Flint Studios offer a number of options with Windows shared hosting. You can benefit from unlimited bandwidth and web space and choose the number of years you’d like (although you can of course renew this when your original period expires). Windows shared hosting offers unlimited domain aliases and sub-domains. We’ll transfer your existing domain for free and you won’t be charged for UK domain registration. You’ll have complete ownership of your domain too and comprehensive database support. Windows shared hosting features a wide range of supported technologies, email features, multi-media support and installed server components. Ask for more information today.

Linux Shared Hosting

Linux shared hoisting with Flint Studios offers a wide range of options. Choose a number of true domains to host and you can also have unlimited sub domains and aliases. UK domain registration, domain transfer and transfer way are all free with our Linux shared hosting plans. You’ll benefit from excellent database support and our Linux plans are supported by an extensive range of technologies and website creation installs. There are a great many control panel features and extensive email features along with full multi-media support. Contact us for more information on Linux shared web hosting.

Easy Upgrade Paths

Shared web hosting is often ideal for smaller organisations and at Flint Studios we offer shared hosting that is extremely affordable while giving you access to the latest technologies. While we carefully manage resource usage for each and every client who uses our shared hosting plans, we understand that as your business grows you may well decide you need to change or upgrade your plan. That’s why all of our shared hosting plans have an easy upgrade path allowing you to upgrade smoothly and easily to larger or managed web hosting plans whenever you feel you need to.

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