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Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration

Your integration technology can live anywhere you choose. It can even live in a cloud. Cloud computing means that your storage, software, data management and processing systems are hosted on remote servers on the internet rather than on local servers or computers.

At Flint Studios we use the cloud to manage your systems and applications. This maximises your investment in web services by removing the need for buying hardware or setting up and running on site servers and storage. Cloud integration helps you run multiple applications while increasing the efficiency, speed and the security of your systems.

Features in detail

Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network or CDN is a network of servers that deliver web content and pages to users based on their geographic location. The shorter the distance between the CDN server and the user, the faster the content is delivered. When a user visits a website, the server closest to the user responds. Our CDN then copies the web pages to a network of servers in the cloud and redirects the requested pages to one that is closest to the user. CDNs also protect the user from large surges in traffic that can reduce web speed.

Responsive Media Assets

Flint Studios will provide a Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that will manage all your web or mobile applications’ media assets in the cloud. The upload, storage, administration and management of your images, video and other responsive media will all be handled on our high performance remote servers. Our management systems are designed to process, deliver and upload your media through our CDNs. We’ll automatically scale to account for traffic surges and high load handling. Our responsive media assets solutions increase speed and efficiency while greatly improving loading times and user experience.

Transactional Emails Web Applications

Transactional emails, sometimes called triggered emails are those emails that are triggered when a user carries out an action on your website. Actions that can trigger a transactional email could include signing up to a website or newsletter, confirming an address or resetting a password. At Flint Studios we supply tools and web applications that are specifically designed to help you organise transactional emails into logical groups. You’ll be instantly alerted when an end user accepts an invite. Our transactional email web applications give you the functionality to meet your specific and changing needs. 

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