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Database Management

Database Management

In today’s data driven world, it has become critical for businesses to store process and manage large amounts of data from many different sources and in multiple formats. Flint Studios can get your systems talking to each other, helping to improve workflows and providing expert advice on database management. 

Flint Studios will take care of all your database needs including schema design, infrastructure and query optimisation, security considerations (firewalls, localhost only access). We can write scripts to optimise help avoid database bloat to archive old and unused records, or backup aged logs; we can also help adhere to the Data Protection Act and specific data retention polices through the automated removal of expired personal data records.

Features in detail

Database Schema Design

Good database schema design is a crucial step in the early stages of creating an application. A database schema is the structure of a database and is supported by the database management system, or DBMS. At Flint Studios we’ll design your database schema so that it organises and arranges your data using a clear set of formulas known as integrity constraints. Our database schema will partition your data base system, allowing efficient access to data and processing. Our database schema will allow your system to evolve where necessary, combine data from multiple sources and save time updating existing data.

Database Backup

Flint Studios will provide you with a reliable and efficient database backup system. We’ll create a duplicate of the database meaning that In the event of a crash or if the primary database becomes corrupted or damaged, your operational systems, architecture, data and software are completely safe.
Our database management system software will replicate your database and its server enabling us to restore everything to its operational state in the event of an outage any disaster that damages or destroys your database. Not only does database backup give you and your system security, it ensures compliance with government regulations concerning data.

Data Protection Act

If you store any information about your customers you must adhere to the Data Protection Act. The Data Protection Act is a law designed to protect all personal data stored either on paper or on computers. Businesses today use computer systems to store all sorts of customer information such as names, addresses, employment history, medical information, credit history and legal history such as convictions. The Data Protection Act controls the way all of this information is handled and gives legal rights to anyone whose information is stored or logged on computers.

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