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Web Security

Any website if not professionally managed can be open to security risks. We protect your website with integrated security solutions that minimise risks and give you peace of mind. Our web security systems block hackers, protecting your website and your information.

Hackers are constantly trying to compromise your website. They’ll often try to use your server to send spam emails or serve illegal files. Many companies fall victim to data theft. Our web security systems protect your website against any attempt to breach it and our expertise will maintain your web security for the long term.

Features in detail

Have you got an SSL Certificate?

An SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Certificate is a security tool that encrypts your data when it’s transferred over a server. SSL Certificates help to protect data like credit card details, passwords, usernames and all the sensitive information we transfer over the web.

In January 2017 Google changed its policy on SSL certificates. Any website containing any type of form must have an SSL Certificate or the web address will be marked with a red triangle and the words “Not Secure”. At Flint Studios we advise our customers that an SSL Certificate is a pre-requisite on all websites.

Malware detection

Malware detection is a vital part of your web security. Malware is software that’s specifically designed to gain illegal access to your computer system in order to cause damage or disruption. Our malware detection will protect your system against viruses, trojans and phishing scams. We’ll guard against adware that forces unauthorised advertising on to your website and against spyware that’s designed to gain access to or steal information. Our malware detection also prevents ransomware, designed to disrupt or destroy your system unless you pay a fee or “ransom”. Stay safe and secure with malware detection systems from Flint Studios.

Port scanned Firewalls

Your computer runs on multiple ports, some of which your server opens for certain functions. Others are open continually. These can be targeted and used by hackers to gain unauthorised access to your computer. Hackers and criminals use a technique called port scanning to identify open ports on your server and keep track of them. Surprisingly, port scanning isn’t illegal. Our port scanning firewall hides your computer from port scanning and protects it from other hacking techniques. Protect scanning firewalls from Flint Studios are invaluable when protecting your computer against port scanning and unauthorised access.

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