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Brand Development

Brand Development

Your brand is a clear representation of what you want your company to be and how you want it to be perceived. We develop a strong brand identity that effectively combines visuals and messaging to communicate your brand to your target audience. Flint Studios leads your brand with a clear vision and message to improve customer recognition and gain a loyal customer base. 

At Flint Studios, we believe in a digital-first approach to branding to ensure consistency across digital and traditional channels. Flint Studios will create a brand that works well online before filtering down to other channels such as billboards, TV ads and magazines. Our Brand Development Strategy unites a range of tangible components including colour, typeface, logo, imagery and tone of voice. As guardians of your brand, we ensure your brand development accurately reflects your company’s vision and value.

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Research, concepts and development

Our brand development process involves a lot of intricate research and examination. We understand there is more to brand identity than meets the eye. We take everything into consideration, including colours, shapes, trends and your competitors. This allows us to capture the vision and personality of your business to build a successful brand that drives revenue and builds brand recognition. The concept design process involves group discussions with the specialist team here at Flint Studios. We refine our ideas and bring the concepts to life before presenting them to our clients.

Brand Guidelines

When it comes to building a successful brand, it must be consistent throughout the web and print. Brand consistency is vital but most traditional brand agencies focus solely on print and neglect to think about how their brand is represented online. At Flint Studios, we consider both print and the web to build a brand identity that is both consistent and effective. We provide effective brand guidelines to ensure your business is properly represented across the digital sphere. This includes logo icons and usage, RGB colour references, CSS typography styles, grid structures, form styles, patterns, overlays, backgrounds and much more.

​Logo Design

Your brand logo must represent your business and work well for print and the web. One of the main factors to consider is how your logo is displayed. An effective logo will have many size variations and work well on its own and with a name or tagline. The colours and shape of your logo must also be taken into consideration and should reflect your brand’s identity and overall appearance. We know how to design great logos that effectively combines various design aspects to create the best results possible. This includes identifying the size, spacing, colours and font of the logo. Your logo represents your company, which means it must accurately express and convey your brand's message to your target audience. 
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