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The right UX design provides a seamless and efficient user experience that induces natural human interaction without hesitation. We put the user first, giving them complete control over their experience to ensure it’s as smooth and efficient as possible.

At Flint Studios, humans come first. The secret to great UX design is the power of illusion. The ability to entice and engage users without breaking the magic is crucial towards achieving a seamless and efficient UX design. Users must be satisfied with their experience and be able to perform tasks and navigate easily whilst building a trusted relationship with both the brand and the website.

Features in detail

Usability Testing

Usability testing is a research method used to test the usability of a website by testing it with real users. It’s a vital part of the user-centred design process and we make it one of our top priorities to carry out correct usability testing to ensure the best possible user experience. By measuring how efficient and effective a website is, we’re able to discover how easy it is for users to complete core tasks by checking consistency across all devices. This helps us to pinpoint exactly where and when users encounter problems, which enables us to evaluate and improve the overall usability of a website. 

Information Architecture

We carry out proper information architecture design to provide complete clarity for the overall project. By researching users and their behaviours, we’re able to identify key user content and interactions to help create a seamless and efficient UX design. Our designers and developers gain a better understanding, which in turn helps them to provide more accurate estimates on all key areas of the project. This includes the development of a great sitemap, navigation and hierarchy creation. At its core, IA is about putting the user first to identify what areas need improvement and how to improve website functionality. 

Visual Design

Humans are, by nature, visual creatures. We’re attracted to beautiful and interesting things that intrigue our interest and entice our imagination. Visual design is a critical part of creating a flawless user experience and it has a lot to do with the use of colour, shapes, imagery, typography and form used to improve usability. Creating a perfect unity with each of these elements is very important. We find the perfect balance between each of these visual design elements to enhance user engagement and help to build trust and interest in the brand.
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