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Heidi Nicolls

Heidi Nicolls - 05 November 2016

Heidi Nicolls
05 November 2016

3 Tried and Tested Website Lead Generation Tools for B2B

As a Marketing Manager, you’ve just invested in a new brochureware website for your company and upon launch you’re ready to sit back and watch the leads come in to pass back to your sales teams.

Whilst some leads begin to trickle in from the website, sales teams are complaining there aren’t enough and you have to justify website expenditure. It’s a difficult conversation because you know that through a combination of digital marketing and Google Analytics your company website’s traffic is increasing, but you’re unable to tap into website visitors unless they contact you on or offline. How do you provide your sales teams with visibility of these visitors that don’t provide their details even though your products or services may help with a need they have? When a prospective customer is in the ‘awareness stage’ of an inbound marketing methodology, an ideal way for sales staff to reach out and offer value is by using an intuitive website visitor tool.

As inbound marketing approaches develop, so does technology and Flint Studios can help Marketing Managers who need visibility of EVERY COMPANY that visits their website so leads can be passed to sales staff to implement an outreach sequence.

Here’s 3 of the best website B2B lead generation solutions that have been tried and tested by us for our customers:

Cost: Starting at £150 per month

Lead Forensics claim to turbocharge your lead generation by identifying sales leads you never knew you had to accelerate your marketing ROI. They use an additional data source that allows you to instantly access names, job titles and email addresses of key contacts that match your ideal customer profile, from businesses that have been visiting your site. Whilst other solutions in the market will list ISP’s as visitors, Lead Forensics removes these from the list, so all leads are credible. The solution is expensive compared to the other two, but account management and training is included in the cost.

Benefits of a Lead Forensics Client

  • Designated Client Success Manager
  • Sales Consultations – Best practice approaches
  • Unlimited logins/users
  • Unlimited training for as many people as you wish
  • Analysts – Manually verifying the data to ensure its 100% accuracy
  • Advice and digital marketing expertise on how to drive bespoke traffic
  • Creating bespoke traffic reports
  • Digital Marketing experts and Client Support Manager liaison.

Cost: £40 per month (unlimited website visitors)

Hubspots Sales Pro solution offers a company's many more features that just a website lead generation tool. For £40 a month, you get a cloud-based CRM, email sequencing software that supports inbound marketing, email notification features that let your sales team track email opens, and lastly, visibility into what companies have visited your website. This solution offers sales staff a powerful insight into where prospective customers are in the buying cycle and how they can add value to that part of their journey. The data does show ISP’s so this can be frustrating, but once you cipher through the data, you can clearly see company names.

Cost: Starting from £40 per month (capped amount of website visitors)

Whoisvisiting identifies companies visiting your website and provides insights on the following. Much like Lead Forensics this solution provides granular information on companies but also included ISP’s on a prospect list. Prospect lists can be exported and imported into a CRM with integration options readily available.

  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company website
  • Company telephone

Flint Studios can integrate any website visitor lead generation tool into a company CRM whilst also adding the tracking code to any website we develop or manage. If you would like to find out more about website visitor visibility, please contact heidi@flintstudios.co.uk.