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Bill Mathers

Bill Mathers - 09 March 2016

Bill Mathers
09 March 2016

PayPal has announced significant security changes coming in 2016

PayPal has announced significant security changes coming in 2016. This changes may directly affect websites using PayPal Merchant Services. To help you plan for security for the coming year and ensure your integration meets the latest industry standards, PayPal have created a 2016 Merchant Security Roadmap available here. This detailed checklist should be reviewed by your web solutions company because of its highly technical nature which includes:

TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 Upgrade
SSL Certificate Upgrade
IPN Verification Postback to HTTPs
IP Address Update for PayPal Secure FTP Servers
Merchant API Certificate Credentials Upgrade
Discontinue Use of GET Method for Classic NVP/SOAP APIs
Security Best Practices

It’s critical that your website supports the new security standards to avoid any disruption to service. Rest assure, Flint Studios have already begun the process of reviewing how these security changes may affect our existing customers’ websites.

PayPal's changes are inline with the web's big online player's push for continual security improvements and again shows the importance of using SSL throughout your website where possible.  SSL helps bring peace of mind, engender trust and provide proof of identity to the users of your website, never mind the added security benefits of ensuring all communication with your website is encrypted and the extra SEO ranking signals Google will give you (see this article by SearchEngineLand for more info).

For more information on PayPal's upgrades or adding SSL to your website contact us on 028 9045 5554 or email info@flintstudios.co.uk.