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Office 365

Flint Studios is an Office 365 reseller providing you with access to a fully managed email hosting and reputational management system from any online device. We will advise you on the best solution that scales appropriately to your unique business requirements and technical needs, ensuring security and efficiency.

With anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-malware all built-in your organisation will be protected from email-borne threats. We can help install Office 365 in your office or on multiple devices ensuring you have the right level of access to email for your needs. We will provide peace of mind with security and expertise. As our client, you don’t have to worry; the experts will take care of all that for you. 

Features in detail

Email Hosting

Flint Studios offer intelligent and efficient email hosting with Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 organises your inbox and other folders while its excellent filter functions sort urgent, important, less important or spam messages into the relevant folders. With Office 365 email hosting, you can sync your emails, contacts and calendar across your computer network and mobile devices. As well as providing the means to send and receive emails, you can create and manage tasks, schedule meetings, create distribution lists and manage your contacts. Access your email via your client or web interface with Office 365 email hosting by Flint Studios.

Reputational Management

Flint Studios understand the importance of gaining and maintaining a great reputation online. We use Office 365 reputational management systems to maintain your reputation and quickly reverse any potential damage caused by adverse information. Reputational management from Office 365 will manage reviews and comments on Google and on social media sites. We’ll also monitor reviews so you know what’s being said about your business or services and we’ll recover unhappy customers before they write damaging reviews. Office 365 reputational management systems will use good reviews to improve your SEO via social media and other web content.

Multiple Devices

We can install Office 365 on multiple devices throughout your office so that all of your devices are protected against spam, viruses, malware and other email-borne threats. Each device will benefit from all of the features available with Office 365 hosting. Your contacts, calendar, distribution lists and email will be synced across your office computer system. You’ll have full access from every device at any time. Installing Office 365 by Flint studios on all of your devices ensures that you have the level of access you require. 

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