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System Integration

System Integration

System integration creates the bridge between all of your online elements. We’ll coordinate your website, social networks, web analytics, payment gateways and internal systems so that they function effortlessly and smoothly together as a single, efficient online unit.

In recent years there has been substantial growth in the use of internet marketing, social media useage and website technology. We specialise in connecting all of these areas to provide stability throughout your digital media and our system integration systems also helps reduce the operating costs of your online presence as a whole.

Features in detail

CMS Integration

Integration brings a multitude of challenges for content management systems (CMS). We have proven experience with a range of CMS and apply solutions to everything from Kentico and Magento to Drupal and Umbraco. Our CMS integration will ensure that your website is responsive across all devices and your content is easily managed without the risk of crash or data loss. We understand that each client has different needs and priorities, so we never offer a one size fits all system. We tailor our solutions to your individual needs to ensure we offer the best CMS integration for your business.

Payment Gateway Integration

If you accept payments through your website you’ll need a payment gateway integration system. We work with our customers to install and maintain payment integration systems that are perfectly suited to their specific needs. We’ll give you faster order processing, real-time stock control, accurate accounting and sophisticated reporting. No more cutting and pasting, no more manual inputting, no more lost data. You’ll be able to exchange and sync information without the need for manual input, cutting and pasting or risk of data loss. If you accept payments online, our payment pathway integration will process them smoothly and reliably.

Amazon Integration

Amazon integration makes it much easier and faster to manage your online business efficiently. Using our expertise along with the very latest technology we will create fully synchronized systems to greatly simplify the process of selling on Amazon. Our Amazon integration systems will integrate your Amazon store and your website, allowing you to sell your products through Amazon directly from your own ecommerce site. Amazon integration with Flint Studios will enable you to sell online effectively and with greater efficiency, saving you time and money. 

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