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Lea Glover

Lea Glover - 20 May 2016

Lea Glover
20 May 2016

SEO URLs - To www or to not www...

Not Using WWW
Using www at the start of domain names has absolutely no advantage, SEO or otherwise, and is a hangover from the days when there were other competing technologies to the web, such as Gopher.  At Flint Studios, we use naked domains without www with new websites, saving 4 keystrokes and shortening URLs.  Of course, if a particular customer insists they want to use www we can comply! Please note: If you want to do the same it's important to use suitable rewrite rules to redirect URLs with the www back to the naked domain for SEO purposes and to avoid any confusion. 

Trailing Slashes
We also implement the standard of ensuring trailing forward slashes are appended to the end of all URLs that do not contain a file extension; this will avoid duplicate content penalties from Google, which can happen if a specific URL can be hit both with and without the trailing slash.  So again, use appropriate rewrite rules to append the trailing slash on to the end of all URLs.

Almost 2 years ago Google announced they were going to give an extra SEO ranking signal to sites that use SSL.  There are other advantages to using SSL including:
•    proof of identity for a website
•    encryption of all data between user and a website, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks

SSL should be a standard feature for all websites, not just ecommerce websites, to benefit from these advantages.  It goes without saying that appropriate rewrite rules should be put in place to ensure all non SSL traffic is redirected to SSL URLs.

If you have any queries on how this might affect you or your website please get in touch the team here at Flint Studios and we can go through it with you. From complex systems integration and bespoke development to fluid responsive websites to integrated digital marketing campaigns, Flint Studios has the creativity and technical know-how to deliver a full range of digital services. Contact us on 028 9045 5554. We would love to hear from you!